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At Luv Hypnosis we certainly luv our books - especially ones about hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

We've put together several compilations of our favourite hypnosis scripts plus books of weight loss, smoking scripts, inductions & deepeners, visualizations and regression scripts.  (Plus there are more to come so please bookmark us for future reference)..

These are available in spiral bound format or as eBooks (in case you're as impatient as we are to read them).



 Volume One

The books of 50 hypnosis scripts are available from Luv Hypnosis and our sister sites, Hypnotic World and Free Hypnosis Scripts.


Scripts included are: Agoraphobia, Alcohol, Allergies, Bereavement, Breast Enlargement, Charisma, Childs Problems Solving, Confidence The Conference Table, Confidence Crystal Ball Technique, Deepener The Playground, Driving Exam, Exercise for Fun, Fear of Heights, Fear of the Dark, Fear of Dogs, Fear of Thunderstorms, Fear of Water, Gambling, Golf Improvement, Headaches and Migraines, IBS, Induction - Beautiful Day, Induction - Yogic Breath, Inner Adviser, Insomnia, Jealousy, Lake Visualization, Life Script, Lupus, Morning Sickness, Panic Attacks, Phobia Release, Presentations and Exams, Procrastination, PTSD, Regression Back to the Womb, Regression Book of Time, Reinvent Yourself, Relationships Emotional Security, Rose Visualization, Secret Place, Selling Skills, Smoke Free House, Stopping Smoking The Valley, Sunset Visualization, Swimming Visualization, Unrequited Love, Timidity, Visualization Magical Stream, Weight Loss Control Room

  Volume One Bound Version - Only 15.99

 Volume Two

Scripts included are: Accelerated Studying, Accepting Yourself. Amnesia - Creating, Anger Management, Anxiety Release, Bells Palsy, Bulimia, Cancer Treatment, Claustrophobia, Colours Deepener, Confidence at Work, Creating Alternatives, Creativity, Deepener - The Star, Fear of Bees and Wasps, Fear of Dental Treatment, Fear of Driving, Fear of Moths, Forest Walk Visualization, Hair Growth, Hall of Mirrors, Hypnosis for Lovers, Ideal Weight and Shape, Induction - Eye Roll, Induction - Magic Carpet, Induction Overload, Induction - Spiral, Intimate Sex, Irritable Bowel, Nail biting, Nervous Twitch, New Beginnings (Changing Personal History), Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour, Pain Relief, Past Life Regression, Past Life Regression - Earth Magic, Past Life Regression - Hall of Mirrors, Past Life Regression - Hidden Files, Perfect Pianist, Practical Exams, Rapid Induction, Snoring, Stroke, Sugar Addiction, Thumb Sucking, Visualization - Sunset, Trichotillomania - Compulsive Hair Pulling, Weight Loss Suggestions, Weight Loss Escape From Prison, Weight Loss Speed Up Your Metabolism

Volume Two Bound Version - Only 15.99

 Volume Three

Scripts included are: Attention Deficit Disorder, Allergies, Anger Management, Anorexia, Arthritis, Asthma, Blood Pressure, Bullying, Child birthing Cycle, Chewing Tobacco, Chocolate Addiction, Compulsive Spending, Crystal Revelation, Diabetes, Draw Love into your Life, Dyslexia, Eczema, Erectile Dysfunction, Excel at Sport, Exercise for Enjoyment, Fear of Birds, Fear of Inserting Contact Lenses, Fear of Telephones, Fear of Vomiting Future Progression, Healing the Survivor of Child Abuse, Higher Consciousness, Hypochondria, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Infertility, Menopausal Symptoms, Motorbike Visualization, Nightmares, Phantom Limb Pain, Posture, Premature Ejaculation, Prosperity, Psoriasis, Powerful Public Speaking, Pre Surgery, Rapid Induction, The Confidence Kite, Rigid Arm Induction, Saying Goodbye, Self Belief, Sexual Fulfilment, Sleep Talking, Snoring (for the listener), Speedy Healing, Spiral Induction, Time Distortion, Time Management, Tinnitus, Trichotillomania, (Compulsive Hair Pulling), Visualization - Fireside, White Coat Syndrome

  Volume Three Bound Version - Only 16.98


 Volume Four

Scripts included are Bells Palsy (2), Better Posture, Binge Drinking, Blue Cave Visualization, Bruxism, Building Muscle Mass, Caffeine Addiction, Cheek or Chin Suggestibility Test, Confidence Kite, Deepener - Lagoon, Deepener - Stairway to Heaven, Deepener - The Star, Dysmenorrhea (Painful Periods), Disposophobia (Fear of Throwing things Away), Diverticulitis, Excessive Sweating, Eye Surgery, Fear of Being Alone, Fear of Commitment, Fear of Death, Fear of Failure, Fear of Motorway Driving, Frigidity, Hay Fever, Herpes with Peppermint Pain Relief, Insomnia - Black Door, IVF, Lottery Winner, Negativity, Nicer Nails, Odds Even Induction, Opposition Defiance Disorder, Penis Enlargement, Play Better Rugby Union, Pre Menstrual Syndrome, Prostate Cancer, Rainbow Regression, Running / Jogging, Sea Sickness, Seven Steps Induction, Silver Sack (Letting go of Negative Emotions), Slimmer You, Smoking Aversion, Social Phobia, Space Odyssey Timeline, Speed Reading, Stopping Smoking Script, Successful Interviews, Thumb Sucking (Adults), Train Journey Timeline


Volume  Four Bound Version - Only 16.99

 Volume Five

Scripts included are:  Acne, Anger Management, Assertiveness, Body Dismorphic Disorder, Breech Birth, Bubble Induction, Creating Numbness, Cutting Down on Smoking, Dealing with Divorce, Developing ESP, Echo Induction, Emotional Calm, Fear of Blood, Fear of Criticism, Fear of Frogs, Fear of Ghosts, Fear of Rats and Mice, Fear of Rejection, Fear of Snakes, Fear of Warmth (on skin), Fibromyalgia, Foreign Language Study, Gout, Group Induction, Healthy Eating, House of Life, Inner Truth, Listening Skills, Luck and Intuition, Making Decisions, Maintenance Insomnia, Mental Blocks, Migraine, Morning Person, Motivation, Negative Release The Puddle, Nervous Cough, Pain Relief, Patience, Perfectionism, Play Better Rugby Union, Photographic Memory, Rock Pool Visualization, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Sleep Hypnosis, Stage Fright/Auditions, Stopping Swearing, Thyroid Balance, Vaginismus, Wedding Day Nerves

Volume Five Bound Version - Only 17.99


Volume Six
Scripts Included are: Abandoned Baby, Age Regression, Appreciation, Baby Bonding, Better Handwriting, Bladder Control (2), Blue Light Induction, Cannabis Addiction, Championship Cricket, Childhood Infections, Circle of Confidence, Colonoscopy, Coming off Antidepressants, Cottage Garden Visualization, Dual Hypnosis, Easy Weight Loss, Fear of Bodily Functions, Fear of Everyday Flying, Fear of Intimacy, ,Fear of Loud Noises, Fear of Pregnancy, Festive Eating, Future Life Progression, Heroin Addiction, Hives, Juvenile Diabetes Management, Knuckle Cracking, Lower Cholesterol, Make Your Dreams Come True, Memorabilia Past Life Regression, Morbid Thoughts, New Year New You, Nicotine Craving, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (3), Perfect Parenting, Polyneuropathy, Post Surgery, Regaining Slimness, Road Rage (Parts Therapy), Ski Slope Deepener, Smoking (Association), Squash, Stopping Smoking with Self Hypnosis, The Road to Granada Visualization and Deepener, The Temple of Ages - Visualization, The Twenty Six Step Deepener, Tuning into Emotions, Velvet Voice, Vertigo, Weight Gain for Women
Volume Six Bound Version - Only 17.99

Volume Seven
Scripts Included are: Anticipatory Nausea, Career Change Confidence, Cascading Waterfall Deepener, Cellulitis, Chronic Pancreatitis, Concentration for Children, Coping with Chemotherapy, Creating Wealth, Cross Dressing Confidence, Dealing with Divorce, Driving Theory Test, Eagle Child Soar Like an Eagle, Enjoy Fruit & Vegetables, Enuresis 2, Exercise in your Sleep, Fear of Authority, Fear of Buttons, Fear of Death, Fear of Falling Asleep whilst Driving, Fear of Lifts (Elevators), Gallstones, Idiopathic Adolescent Scoliosis, Induction Hammock, Induction Snowman, Interrupted Sleep, Lymphedema, Macular Degeneration, Masturbation Addiction, Memory Recall, Mind Clutter, Motor Neurone Disease, Negativity 2, Nocturnal Eating, Over Protective Mothers, Perimenopausal Arthralgia, Post Nasal Drip, Prosperity, Roman Fortress Visualization, Rugby League, Secret Smoking, Stomach Ulcers, Stop Shoplifting, Stopping Unwanted Thoughts, Teenage Time Management, The Joy of Reading, Turning off Unwanted Genes, Unlock your Creative Ability, Vertigo, Warts, Weight Loss Maintenance
Volume Seven Bound Version - Only 17.99

eBook of Past Life Regression Scripts
This eBook will be emailed to you within 24 hours. It contains 15 regression scripts, 2 inductions and 2 deepeners.
Scripts included are: - Affect Bridge Technique, The Book of Time, The Celebration - Stepping Into The Light, Christos Technique, Crystal Revelation, Earth Magic, The Hall of Mirrors, The Hidden Files, Karma, Karmic Journey, Life Script, Path of Life, Psychic Drawing, Stepping Into The Light, The Tree of Life

  eBook of Past Life Regression Scripts - Only 9.99



The Complete Guide to Self Hypnosis
Learn to hypnotize yourself in days with this beautifully bound manual and CD. All the secrets of hypnosis revealed - you can use self hypnosis to improve all aspects of your life where change is needed. The book and CD will be posted to you within 48 hours. Order yours now and see results within days. Approved by the Hypnotic World International Academy of Hypnotherapy.

  The Complete Guide to Self Hypnosis plus CD - Only 16.99


Sport Scripts Compilation
This Sport Compilation contains 40 in-depth scripts, including inductions, deepeners and suggestions for sport improvement in a beautiful spiral bound book which makes it easy to select the scripts that you need for your sessions without having loose papers around. Makes a perfect gift for anyone interested in hypnosis or those involved with sport coaching. Scripts Included are: Beautiful Day Induction, Bubble Induction, Cloud Induction, Deep Relaxation, Eye Focus Induction, Glued Hands Induction, Group Induction, Hammock Induction, Odds Even Induction, Overload Induction, Rose Induction Induction, Ski Slope Deepener, Blackboard Deepener, Cascading Waterfall Deepener, Colours Deepener, Dream Destination Deepener, Horse Deepener, Back Handspring (perfecting a), Better Basketball, Better Snooker, Better Rock Climbing, Boxing Boost, Championship Cricket, Champion Darts, Chess Master, Exercise for Fun, Excel at Sport, Fear of Failure, Football Confidence, Golf Improvement, Hypnosis for Martial Arts, Improve Yourself, (Sports), Perfect Pitching (Softball), Play Better Rugby Union, Rugby League, Running / Jogging, Show Jumping Confidence, Sport Improvement, Swim with Hypnosis, Tennis Improvement
Hypnotic World Sport Scripts Compilation  - Only 15


Children's Hypnosis Scripts Compilation
Scripts Included are: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Balloon or Book Suggestibility Test, Balloon Room (OCD), Bedwetting, Blackboard Deepener, Bullying, Cheek Chin Suggestibility Test, Child Consent Form, Childhood Defiance, Childhood Infections, Child Meditation, Children - Hypno-Relaxation, Children's Health, Cloud Induction, Concentration for Children, Confidence for Children, Coping with Divorce, Eagle Child (Pain or Fear script), Encopresis (Soiling), Enuresis 2, Exam Success, Fear of Being Alone, Fear of Monsters, Fear of Dentists for Children, Fear of Needles for Children, Fear of Swimming for Children, Fear of the Dark for Children, Fear of Tornados for Children, Fear of Vomiting for Children, Flying Blanket, Football - Visualization (for children), Increased Appetite, Juvenile Diabetes Management, Magic Carpet Induction, Magic TV, Playground Deepener, Problem Solving, Oak Tree, Opposition Defiance Disorder, School Phobia, Selective Mutism, Secret Place, Sick Sibling Jealousy, Snowman/girl induction, Teenage Time Management, Thumb Sucking

Children's Hypnosis Scripts Compilation - Only 19.99


Book of 70 Hypnosis Scripts
The Book of Scripts is an e-Book which contains a variety of quality inductions, deepeners, scripts and visualizations which will be useful for newcomers to hypnotherapy and experienced practitioners alike. Scripts included are:

Beautiful day - induction, Best friend method, Deepener and treatment for anxiety, Self Confidence, Charisma, Childbirth - Natural, Ego strengthening script, Overcome fear of flying, Overcome fear of heights/bridges, Overcome fear of injections, Overcome fear of spiders, Overcome fear of thunderstorms, Breast, Bruxism (Teeth Grinding), Drugs - freedom from, Healing journey, Feel the Healing, Insomnia, Pain relief, Presentation and exams success, Relationships, emotional security, Stopping Smoking, A special place to Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Weight loss suggestions - Slimmer You, Weight loss - an acquired taste, Dolphin Dreams, Beautiful Tropical island, The Sunken Garden, Rose Dream, Jigsaw - problem solving, The Ocean Breath, Mountain Cabin (to facilitate Glove Anaesthesia), Secret place, Flying blanket, Magic TV, Hypno-relaxation for children, Thumb sucking, Nail biting, Regression, Regression - back to the womb, Regression, Past Life Regression, The Inner Adviser, The Inner Child.


Book of 70 Hypnosis Scripts Only 15.99

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