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Affluence hypnosis mp3

If you always do what you've always done then you'll always get what you've always got.  Change your mind set and increase your fortune - affluence can be yours with this hypnotic recording.

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Better Handwriting

Improve your handwriting with hypnosis mp3We're going to use Time Distortion to improve your handwriting now - it's so easy - is it not - to do what you want to do - in your own time - and you really want to write neater and more legible handwriting - and because this is what you really want to do - you find it so easy to do - what you really want to do with this powerful hypnotic recording.

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Interview Success

Improve your interview skills with this hypnosis mp3

Impress your prospective employers with your knowledge, confidence and conviction that you are the only person who will be an asset to their company.  Imagine that you have already been offered this position - and what your mind can conceive - you can achieve - with the help of this hypnotic recording.

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Lucky Lottery Winner

Lucky Lottery Winner Hypnosis mp3Do you dream of winning millions on the lottery?  What would you spend it on?  A villa in the sun?  A new car?  Holidays round the world?  Whatever your dream, it could come true - with the help of your subconscious mind and this hypnotic recording. 

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Natural Negotiation

This recording is designed for employees who are nervous or reluctant to ask for favours in the work place.  You can now discove an entirely new self-image of personal relaxation and a calm and confident feeling when you are with others.

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Overcome Addiction to GamblingOvercome addiction to gambling with this hypnotis mp3

You can be a winner or a loser.  Losers are the ones who are addicted to gambling in any form.  It's well known that the only ones making real money out of gamblers are the sharks who swallow their hard earned cash.  The winners are those that overcome the addiction to gambling and this hypnosis MP3 or script can make you a winner.

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Powerful Public Speaking

Powerful Public Speaking hypnosis mp3Do your legs go to jelly or does your throat go dry when you have to stand up and speak in front of a large group of people?  If so, you are not alone - millions of people suffer from public speaking nerves, however this can now be a thing of the past with the powerful hypnotic recording and script.  You can stand up there and give your best - and your best will be good enough because, with the help of hypnosis you can learn how to overcome that old fear and project yourself in a positive, confident manner. 
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