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Balloon Room OCD

The script that this recording is based on was written by a 14 year old girl who used this technique to help herself to successfully overcome OCD.  Six years later she is still free from those old, distressing symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder.

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If you are the victim of bullying then you, above most other people, realize that we all deserve to be treated with respect, and when others violate that right it gives rise to a strong feeling of determination to not allow that situation to continue.  You're not afraid - you challenge the bullies and seeing the look of surprise on their face gives you a feeling of satisfaction, a feeling of confidence and well being with this hypnotic recording.

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Confidence Kite

I wonder if you'd like to learn in hypnosis how to make a very special kite?  This is called the confidence kite because that is how it's going to make you feel.  This recording is ideal for children who might be interested in kites or building things.

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Fear of Spiders

Learn to let spiders live their life whilst you live yours - this hypnotic recording can help you to see spiders as your friends and you won't want to hurt them or be scared.

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