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An allergic reaction can occur when the body's natural immune system reacts adversely to a substance which is ingested, inhaled or touched and this can cause one or more of a number of symptoms - one or some of which you've been suffering with for a while now.  We can use hypnosis in a number of different ways to help you to overcome your allergy but if your reactions have been or are likely to become severe then you should have to hand your medication until you have been diagnosed as allergy free.

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Blood Pressure

There are no symptoms of high blood pressure so it's important that you have yours checked regularly as, left untreated, hypertension can lead to stroke, heart attack, kidney failure and heart disease.  Hypnosis and biofeedback techniques are natural ways for you to help yourself to lower your blood pressure.

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Brain Tumour

Use your imagination and those powerful warrior soldiers - your antibodies - to make their way to the site of your discomfort and destroy those unwanted cancer cells once and for all.

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Eyesight Improvement

This recording uses an adaptation of the Bates method of strengthening the eye muscles and helping you to achieve clarity of vision.  For optimal effect the recording should be listened to regularly over a period of weeks or months until you achieve 20/20 vision.

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Fear of Injections

Most fears and phobias are irrational - however knowing this doesn't help the phobic to cope with the triggering event.  Whether you are pregnant or not it is likely that you will need to have injections of some sort several times during your life.  Overcome this fear now with this powerful hypnotic recording.

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Healing Journey

What image is there in your imagination that might facilitate the healing that needs to take place within your physical body? Use your imagination to remove the disease process and this unwanted pattern on this beautiful healing journey hypnotic recording.

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Use time distortion and your creative imagination to eliminate that irritating itch once and for all with this powerful hypnotic recording.

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Multiple Sclerosis

It is because you want to improve the quality of your life that you're now beginning to realize that instead of fighting against the symptoms of MS - you need to accept and make the best of what you've got.  And you know that there are many others who are a lot worse off than yourself - but we're concentrating on you from now on - because this is your life and you're determined to enjoy it to its fullest potential by listening to this hypnotic recording.

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Pill Swallowing with Ease

If you have problems with swallowing it's likely to be because your body is tensing up at the thought of it.  Reduce the anxiety and feel confident about swallowing naturally with this hypnotic recording.

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Psoriasis Warrior

Let the Psoriasis Warrior that resides within you, help destroy those symptoms that you have been experience.  Psoriasis can be triggered off by stressful situations - learn to deal with them more effectively with hypnosis and psoriasis could soon be a thing of the past.

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Constant ringing in the ears can be difficult to cope with, especially as it can go on for years in some cases.  The noise actually comes from the brain - not the ears - and this hypnotic recording can train you to move the noise so far away that it won't bother you anymore - eventually, once you cease to focus on it then the noise should disappear completely.

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White Coat Syndrome

This is a term for fear of doctors, dentists or others in the medical profession - yet they are just ordinary people living ordinary lives who have chosen to help you - so - why be afraid?  This recording will enable you to see things in a more positive perspective and help your future encounters with the medical profession to be easy, (perhaps even humorous) and stress free.

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