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Headaches & Migraine

Are headaches or migraines ruining your life? Do you have to keep postponing or missing business meetings, social events, school plays etc? Do you feel reluctant to plan days out in case you have a headache? Have you tried conventional remedies to no avail? If so, this hypnosis download may be for you.  A migraine is a severe pain felt on one, and sometimes, both sides of the head. The pain is mostly in the front around the temples or behind one eye or ear. Other symptoms may include nausea and vomiting, and increased light and sound sensitivity. Migraines can occur any time of the day, although they often starts in the morning. The pain can last only a few hours or up to several days. Headaches are less extreme, but nevertheless still unwelcome. Hypnotherapy offers a treatment for headaches and migraines with no drugs or side effects. This recording could help you to be free from headaches and migraines once and for all.

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