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The Ultimate Hypnosis Induction and Deepener


Probably the only hypnosis induction you'll ever need


This guide begins with the Pre-Induction Talk which is essential to use with your clients in order to gain rapport

Your pre induction talk (PIT) will probably determine the outcome of your therapy session. Your client needs to have all doubts, fears and misconceptions dispelled and to trust you implicitly for the therapy to work.Ultimate Induction and Deepener


However, choosing the correct induction is also important as some will obviously work better than others. If you're seeing a client for the first time then you'll need to be prepared in advance.  The Ultimate Hypnosis Induction and Deepener works with most clients and is the most effective hypnosis induction available.

The PIT and the Ultimate Hypnosis Induction was written by Faith Waude, a Hypnotherapist with 14 years experience and has been developed over the years and used successfully with thousands of clients from all backgrounds with various issues.


Example pages

The full script (including the PIT) is 9 pages long (font size 10) and includes comments on how to use the script to its maximum effect, why certain phrases are used and emphasized and how to use your voice to its maximum effect so that your client or subject will enter the deepest possible level of trance.


Remember, it's not what you say but the way that you say it, which is what makes this script unique.  The comments explain it all in an easy, step by step way.

Don't leave anything to chance - order your copy now.

Purchase the only hypnosis induction and deepener that you are ever likely to need now

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