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Sport Scripts Compilation

This Sport Compilation contains 40 in-depth hypnosis scripts, including inductions, deepeners and suggestions for sport improvement in a beautiful spiral bound book which makes it easy to select the scripts that you need for your sessions without having loose papers around. Makes a perfect gift for anyone interested in hypnosis or those involved with sport coaching.


Scripts Included are: Beautiful Day Induction, Bubble Induction, Cloud Induction, Deep Relaxation, Eye Focus Induction, Glued Hands Induction, Group Induction, Hammock Induction, Odds Even Induction, Overload Induction, Rose Induction Induction, Ski Slope Deepener, Blackboard Deepener, Cascading Waterfall Deepener, Colours Deepener, Dream Destination Deepener, Horse Deepener, Back Handspring (perfecting a), Better Basketball, Better Snooker, Better Rock Climbing, Boxing Boost, Championship Cricket, Champion Darts, Chess Master, Exercise for Fun, Excel at Sport, Fear of Failure, Football Confidence, Golf Improvement, Hypnosis for Martial Arts, Improve Yourself, (Sports), Perfect Pitching (Softball), Play Better Rugby Union, Rugby League, Running / Jogging, Show Jumping Confidence, Sport Improvement, Swim with Hypnosis, Tennis Improvement
Hypnotic World Sport Scripts Compilation  - Only £15








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Free Sample MP3 - Can you be Hypnotized?



Visit the creative resource centre deep within your subconscious mind and allow your natural creativity to flow forth - see colours and images that don't exist in our physical world - then write them down, lest you forget.

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Dance the Night Away

Would you luv to dance but feel as though you've got 2 left feet?  Or do you simply want to improve your dance routine?  Dancing has to be one of the most enjoyable and sociable exercises there is, so why not give the best performance of your life with this hypnosis MP3?

(Also available on CD)


Fear of Success

Some people can deliberately sabotage their career or future prospects because some silly little thing at the back of their mind that says no - I can't do this.  If this sounds like you then it could be that you have a fear of success - which can be easily overcome with hypnosis.

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Footballer Confidence

Some players go on to the pitch thinking they are invincible because in training and five-a-side games with their team mates they are unbeatable - but then as soon as the starting whistle blows they seem to get a sort of stage fright whilst under scrutiny from people they donít know.  If this sounds like you then this hypnotic recording can help to give you the confidence you need to 'stay in the zone'.

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Golf Improvement

Did you know that 80 to 90% of an athleteís performance is in the mind. This is especially true for golf, since it requires a lot of thought and concentration.  Hypnosis is one of the easiest, quickest, and most proven ways to great golf. It manipulates your imagination, your thought processes and your attitude to provide incentive, support, reinforcement and refinement of your physical skills. It can help you to concentrate your mind entirely on the game at hand, reducing the mental distractions in your thoughts that can cause tension in your body, interrupting your rhythm. Did you know that before each shot, Tiger Woods uses a self-hypnosis induction to control his mental game!  Buy Now



Overcome an Addiction to Gambling

You can be a winner or a loser.  Losers are the ones who are addicted to gambling in any form.  It's well known that the only ones making real money out of gamblers are the sharks who swallow their hard earned cash.  The winners are those that overcome the addiction to gambling and this hypnosis MP3 or script can make you a winner.

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Play Better Snooker

During this hypnosis recording you will be guided through a series of mental rehearsals. Your game will be played through in your mind, which will give you the familiarity of each particular shot allowing you to play it perfectly on the night. You see yourself hitting that perfect shot, giving you the feeling of confidence will in turn will be reflected in a higher score and a more relaxed, enjoyable game of snooker.  Buy Now


Rock Climbing

Attain perfect concentration to help improve your climbing techniques with this hypnotic recording.  Your subconscious mind can guide you to the top of the mountain.

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Running and Jogging


The benefits of running and jogging include an improved  cardiovascular fitness and reduction of stress - and of course it's also an excellent activity if you are overweight and want to get rid of that extra mass.  This hypnotic recording can give you the motivation you need to get moving towards a healthier body.

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Tennis Improvement

Develop a sense of pride and a confidence in your game, as you apply these hypnotic techniques to improve your other strokes as well. You are a winner because you know how to play to the best of your ability every time you step onto a tennis court. And every day will see you improve as you strive for absolute perfection in your game.

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